A Message from Councilman Tracy Hermann

J Tracy HermannI am honored to serve as the 8th Ward Councilman for the City of Poughkeepsie.

When my husband, our daughter, and I moved to Poughkeepsie several years ago, we were attracted by a city brimming with possibility—one rich in history and diversity, and ripe with potential. Poughkeepsie has many assets and resources—the mighty Hudson river, the Walkway and our City waterfront, anchor institutions like Vassar, Marist and Dutchess Community College, and the greatest resource of all—the people who call Poughkeepsie home. These assets and resources are poised to position Poughkeepsie, like our neighbors Beacon, to the South, and Hudson, to the north, as the next great Hudson River renaissance city, with all the benefits that come along with that distinction (jobs, economic growth, and quality of life).

We must activate those assets and rally our resources around a common vision.

Hermann01During my time on the Council, I’ve been a staunch advocate of Ward- and City-wide strategic planning and vision development that will ultimately improve the quality of life.  I’ve helped lead the charge to vet the City Center Revitalization plan, have been an integral part of the Main Street initiatives and Safety Meet-Ups (sponsored by Middle Main), and have advocated (and continue to advocate) for activating Arts and Culture as drivers for economic development and revitalization. I recently made a trip to Paducah, KY, a city that’s become a national model for revitalization, to assess whether their strategies and initiatives could be implemented here; I encourage you to review my report and to reach out to me to find out more.

I’ve also been a voice of progress and change, not only advocating—but fighting for—greater accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. I’ve authored five resolutions, and co-sponsored a number of others, many aimed at either improving transparency and accountability in government, and improving the quality of life of people like you and me. Recently, I sponsored the “Open Committee, Board, and Commission” ordinance, designed to provide the public equal access to the City’s boards, committees, and commissions—the same access to these decision makers as our administration has. The resolution is in support of open government and is designed to minimize the back-room politicking and deal-making that has defined Poughkeepsie for so long.

My primary goal, however, is  to be responsive to you—the constituents I represent—and and to serve as your voice in City government. Toward that goal, I encourage you to reach out to me and let me know how I can be of service; I also urge you to  take advantage of the opportunities to be a part of the dialogue by attending one of our quarterly ward meetings. I’ll work to keep you informed of those meetings, and in helping me achieve that objective, ask you to provide me with your email address through the contact form at right.

Again, I thank you for this opportunity and am honored to be your Councilman!

Yours in Service,
Tracy Hermann